I can only hope you didn't eat the radishes and the chocolate icing at the same time. Either way, 17 and 24.


No, but I did eat the pancakes and radishes at the same time, then the chocolate frosting and the bacon one right after the other. I was really hungry…

17. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?

I like the names Beatrice, Violet, Lisbeth, and Courtney. I can’t see myself as a Courtney anymore. I can almost see myself being a Jordan. Or a foreign name (possibly Russian/German).

24. Favorite constellation?

I am painfully unaware of the locations of basically everything, you name it: streets, businesses, states, countries, bodies of water, planets, stars… it doesn’t stick in my brain (I feel like Sherlock in this respect, I really don’t remember things that I don’t consider that important, like which planets are where. Probably because space used to terrify me as a child. Black holes, man. That shit’s scary.) I like Canis Major because the star “Sirius” or “Dog Star” is in this constellation. I love Sirius Black.

So the abridged version is “space is scary but Sirius Black is hella rad” which is an acceptable answer.


I can’t believe they named the planets after all the sailor scouts

Why are all these people following me, did I get a promo and I didn’t know it or something????

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ウラネプ by 風李たゆ on pixiv

blood orange



Blood Orange- one person I hate the most

Let me tell you about Ariana. She is the worst excuse for a person. Not only does she like that anime crap, I hear that she goes to those comic book convention things and dresses up. Oh my gosh, what a loser. And what is the deal with that user name? Snails are disgusting creatures. Also, she has short hair, which is also stupid. 

Now you’re just making stuff up


Yeah. I SURE AM. (I had to dig deep to find that picture, I miss my snails but sadly it wasn’t meant to be…)



7 Facts about my childhood

  1. I love love loved Legos and Bionicles when I was in elementary. I always sort of wanted to be a tomboy but never truly achieved that.
  2. I had the “Asian bowl cut” which is a rite of passage when you are an Asian child. I rocked that haircut until the end of sophomore year when I thankfully, got it cut into the weird pseudo-pixie style I have now.
  3. My favorite thing to watch when I young little was the Brandy version of Roger and Hammersteins Cinderella. Now that I rewatch it, I don’t think Brandy is a very good singer. But still, very nostalgic.
  4. My parents wouldn’t buy me a Gameboy when I was little because they were too expensive so I waited until I was in 5th grade and bought a used Gameboy Advance from Gamestop for 20$. (the first time I played my pokemon game on a backlit scene was like a religious experience.)
  5. When I was really little, my mom wanted me to eat a brussel sprout or something and I didn’t want to so I swallowed it whole and then promptly threw up. I hate those things a lot.
  6. I used to hate roller coasters. I didn’t like the idea of going upside down. Now I like them enough but I’m still not crazy about them.
  7. Apparently, when I was little I was known for being extremely charitable, quiet and nice. Like, I was the poster child for the class. Now I’m a little stinker but I have way more of a personality so I’m happy.

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White- 3 facts about my personality

  1. My father (and several other people) have told me that I have the appearance of someone very serious. I give off an aura of deep thinking and maturity, which of course is very opposite of how I act most of the time. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be seen as “the glasses character” in that they were cool/serious/witty but then I became more of the perky sidekick.
  2. I am an INTP, basically this could be broken down that I am a reclusive cold-hearted bastard who over-thinks things. Honestly, I am a very nice person but I am also very dense when it comes to dealing with emotional people. 
  3. I very seldom fall for people. I could count on one hand the times I’ve had crushes, I’ve never been in any relationship and honestly the idea isn’t very appealing at the moment. I find many aspects of the courtship process to be really funny, so I play off the excessive compliments and gestures that are thrown my way. 


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